Hang on in there folks!


Image background shows high buildings with a girder hanging from an imaginery crane. A man holds on to the girder with one hand, giving the impression of hanging on

I spend my life with people, so lockdown for me seems a bit alien, however I would say despite the difficult circumstances, I am enjoying having the opportunity to take time out and refocus. This I know is not the same for everyone, so I’ve come up with a 5 challenge infographic to offer a few ideas of how stay positive during lockdown.

It’s a tough time currently, friends and family have lost loved ones, and ways of working have changed, possibly forever. However our nation depends on us adhering to the guidance, so try to use that time wisely. I’m pretty sure we will soon all be back to the hustle and bustle, maybe even wishing for a break. This could be your golden window to learn something new, or as a colleague put it so well “to embrace the gift of time” (Thanks Fiona!)

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Sue Davis, 23 April 2020

Back by popular demand! If you have an interview coming up, then put in a few hours preparation to make sure you get the job you want. To help you, here is our summary of how to use the popular STAR technique, with a few examples to bring it to life.

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