Executive and career coaching provides support to help individuals to achieve agreed outcomes.  Research shows that coaching returns 5.7 times its initial investment.

Coaching is best for:

  • Changing behaviour
  • Building confidence and removing self-limiting beliefs
  • Raising levels of self-awareness
  • Dealing with change
  • Positively facilitating career transitions

How it works:

Our executive and career coaching solutions are commonly used to support a variety of situations. For instance, this may be helping a newly-promoted “hands-on” Manager or Senior Leader to become more strategic. Or perhaps supporting employees who are adapting to change. We also help businesses who are downsizing with facilitating smooth career transitions through our outplacement solutions.

Delivered by qualified professionals, in a safe and confidential environment.  Additionally, as a highly flexible solution, coaching can be undertaken at a time suitable to the individual and your business. Similarly, you could opt for one of our group coaching solutions.

The benefits to you:

  • Accountability and ownership rests with the individual
  • Heightens levels of self-awareness, leading to changes in behaviour
  • Improves performance and motivation
  • Improves levels of self-confidence
  • Sustainable changes in behaviour
  • Often returns wider business benefits, such as improving inter-departmental communication and working relationships